Update on Player Fees 2020


Hi all,

At the Committee meeting last night we discussed player fees, in light of the season commencing in a few weeks time. Many parents have asked if there are any changes to the fees so we wanted to update you now that we have some level of clarity about the season.

We acknowledge the challenges this year has thrown us already and therefore we would like to give families the flexibility and choice around their player fees this season.

The committee has agreed to offer a prorated fee based on the 11 week season (originally 14) of $160 for first child and $144 for second and further children (aligned with the 10% discount for normal season).

So what does this mean for you and your choices?

If you have already paid your invoice in full, you have the choice of a full refund deposited back into your account OR you can elect to use the difference as a donation to the club in the form of Toyota Good for Footy tickets in your name (so you could win a car!!). All proceeds from the raffle go directly to the club for club development.

If you would like a refund, please email Chris on accounts@morningtonjfc.com before the 3rd of August and she will happily process for you.

At this date, if we have not heard from you, we will assume you would be happy to support the raffle and we will issue tickets on your behalf.

What does that mean for those who haven’t paid yet??

You also have the choice. You can pay the invoice that has been issued in full and the difference will be returned in Toyota Good for Footy tickets in your name (and that chance to win a car!!) OR you can pay the reduced amount and we will adjust your invoice to match accordingly.

These options were considered based on a number of parents feedback and ideas and we hope that you feel you have the options to choose what is right for your family.

This has been a tough time so if there are any families in need of financial assistance, please email Chris directly on the email above and she would be happy to assist with a payment plan. This will be handled with the strictest of confidence.

Now that you have clarity, we ask that player fees be paid preferably by round 1 (12 July). As per the club bylaws, player fees must be paid before round 5 (9 Aug) to avoid children not being able to play.

Thanks for your support and the positive feedback over the past weeks and months. We are all in this together and will come out stronger!

Go Doggies.

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